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The Dominokit Toolkit is a versatile Java toolbox, featuring JSON serialization/deserialization, REST client generation, URL manipulation, UI components, and a page life cycle framework. This comprehensive toolkit simplifies development tasks, making it effortless to handle JSON data, integrate with RESTful APIs, manage web navigation, design user interfaces, and ensure smooth application lifecycle management for Java developers.

Domino UI

A type safe and feature rich UI components library for java developer without dependencies on external JavaScript.

domino ui illustration

Domino Jackson

Annotation processor based JSON library to generates mappers that works on both the JVM and the browser.

domino jackson illustration

Domino REST

A library for generating rest clients from JaxRs compatible interfaces, and the generated clients can be used from both client side and on the server.

domino rest illustration

Domino history

A library for manipulating the browser URL, providing listeners and filter for URL changes and variables expression mapping.

domino history illustration

Domino MVP

A small, simple and a very lightweight framework for building both simple and complex applications with robust routing and page life cycle.

domino mvp illustration

Why choose DominoKit?

Light Speed Development

Productivity is key, develop and ship faster than ever.

Independent Components & Libraries

Fully customize built-in components & libraries

Code Sharing

Share your code between Client & Server


Not just typesafe, but also readable and well-supported

Full Java Stack for Front-end Development

You will be covered by tools built with your favorite language for the frontend

Completely Open Source

All Dominokit tools are free and open source under apache 2 license

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What our clients say

Flavio Castro

Tech Leader / Architect @ Ardan1

“After many years of using GWT, Domino-ui emerged as a savior, simplifying the developers' tasks and offering a superior and quicker experience for users.”

Dean Zarras

Managing Director @ Goldman Sachs

“Using DominoKit has been a pleasure. It has allowed me to rapidly construct rich and complex UI/UX products in an intuitive manner, all leveraging my many years of Java experience.”

Frank Hossfeld

Frank Hossfeld

Software Developer / Owner @ Nalu Solutions GmbH

“DominoKit provides all the essentials for creating attractive and secure applications. When you use it, it's evident that the DominoKit Team is passionate about their work. Plus, the support is outstanding!”

Peter Carlson

Peter Carlson

Programmer @ CarePlacement

“DominoKit simplified our shift from Java Swing to web. It offers a contemporary appearance and its controls are user-friendly. Additionally, the support is prompt.”

Philipp Kohl

Philipp Kohl

Software Developer @ Nalu Services GmbH

“Domino UI's intuitive API and adaptable widgets allow us to easily create contemporary, sturdy, and visually captivating applications.”

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